We're a major force in the organization improvement, leadership development, and personal effectiveness fields. We have not only become leaders in these markets, but we've managed to bridge and join them together.

We are brimming with intellectual and relationship assets. As we grow, we use decentralized divisions, teams, and other approaches to maintain high levels of autonomy and local decision making. Our company will be the best possible example of the principles, approaches, and values we teach. We are a living, learning lab to demonstrate and develop personal, team, and organization improvement strategies and techniques.

Growth is never financed, but comes from cash generated by sales. Our revenues per associate are at least twice as high as any other comparable organization. We've done that through heavy investments in technology, extensive and ongoing training, superb communications, highly effective process management, outstanding market and customer research, and an extensive network of entrepreneurial consultants, trainers and other experts.

Communications and information flows freely and smoothly around, in, and through our organization. We meet frequently, keep each other informed, share all information freely and openly, and get broad input and participation in decisions and strategies.

We're a strong, interconnected and highly effective company of top notch professionals. Our Clients and partners feel like they're dealing with an extremely professional, well run business. Internally, our outstanding communications systems and technologies and frequent meetings have managed to eliminate isolation and that long distance feeling. We're a strong corporate family that embraces and nurtures (but also doesn't barge uninvited into) each other's personal, family, and home life.
Deep Desire to Make a Difference
We are a company of leaders. We believe that leadership is an action, not a position. Everyone needs to be a leader. This starts with inner self leadership and moves outward to influence, guide, support, and lead others.
Trust and Respect
We value diversity and differences in styles and approaches. People who push or challenge our thinking help to clarify and improve it. We welcome and encourage different points of view.

We are exceptionally caring and responsive. We provide exemplary levels of service to our Clients, partners, and each other.
Growth and Development
We are insatiable learners on a steep continuous personal growth curve. We have a good balance of active and reflective learning. Active learning comes from exploring, searching, creating, and experimenting. Reflective learning comes from taking time out of daily operational pressures to review how well our personal, team, and organization improvement activities are working and to plan further changes.

We are highly innovative and very agile. We set short term plans, but use strategic opportunism as we learn our way to new products and services. Our journey of discovery means we always have an abundance of trials, pilots, and experiments underway in our restless search for the pathways that will take us ever closer to our vision and purpose.
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