About Quinn Group
Mr. T. L. Prasad, son of an Industrialist Sri. T. Rajagopala Rao, B. Tech (US), established M/s QUlNN India Limited in 1976 near Hyderabad in collaboration with the then M/s K J QUlNN GmBH Germany (Now known as Clariant GmBH). This company has become a wholly owned Indian Company, when the collaborator was taken over by M/s Clariant GmBH.

Mr.T.L. Prasad is the Chairman and Managing Director of M/s QUINN India Limited from its inception to date. Under his management, the company has achieved commendable growth with standing competition from multinationals like BASF, Colorchem etc., in the field of Leather Finishing Chemicals and captured about 25% of market share in Indian Leather Finishing Chemicals Market. He has also established a number of companies, which form the QUINN Group
QUINN Group:
QUINN India Limited Inthe year of 1976
FLOW-Chem Private Limited Inthe year of 1981
QUINN International Limited Inthe year of 1994
Excel Center Inthe year of 1997
Excel Enterprises In the year of 1997 Excell Media Private Limited Inthe year of 1998
Product Range:
Leather Finishing Chemicals Tanning Syntans
Vegetable Tanning Products Polyurethane's
Fat Liquors Flow Improvers
Mineral Water Carbonated Water
CA TV Networks Broadband fiber networks
Markets Served:
Sri Lanka
Hong Kong
M/s Excell Media Private Limited & Excel Enterprises are in Cable Aided Transmission and Communication Network Business, the other companies are in manufacturing of the above products. About 80% of sales are marketed through its associated firms viz., Amulya Oils & Chemicals, Quality Chemicals, and Merla Chemicals, the balance turnover is marketed through Distributors.
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