Excell Media helps small, growing and large businesses create, support and manage an Internet presence - from simple Web sites to complex managed server environments with hosted corporate applications. Excell Media has partnered with some of the leading ventures to offer this services to their esteemed clientle
Web Sites
Web Sites offer nearly everything a small or growing business will need to create and maintain a company Web site, including domain name registration, branded email addresses and value-add services to create a feature-rich site.
Managed Hosting
Managed Hosting products enable you to focus on your company's business while Excell Media Team focuses on items like managing the server, server software, data center and network.
Managed Email Services
Full functionality of email, shared folders, contacts, distribution lists, shared calendar - in a manageable, secure, reliable, low total-cost-of-ownership environment.
Entry-level services

Entry-level hosting products are geared for small businesses or individuals that are in the early stages of creating a Web presence and would like to express their creativite talent. With Domain Name Hosting, you can reserve your domain name, create a starter Web page and access a Web-based email account. With Email Hosting, you can use your domain name to brand your company email.

Excell Media has several full Web site hosting plans available, whenever you're ready to build out your Web presence. Please contact our Sales Team for the latest packages that suits your needs

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